Friday, February 24, 2012


Well it looks like Derpy has changed guys.

EQD has reported that Hasbro has changed her layout. They have removed her Crossed eyes, redone her voice, and removed her name from the episode. According to the article some readers have reported that this has effected the episode on youtube including the Standard def and high def versions of the film. We have reached out to Hasbro for a comment and will report if we receive any word. WE AT THE MIDNIGHT RUN WILL SHOW THE ORGINAL VERSION. NOT THE NEW VERSION THAT HASBRO HAS RELEASE. Here's a sample of the new episode on iTunes

UPDATE- so far we have found out that the DVD will remain unchanged if we find out there is a change we'll let you know

UPDATE 2 - Looks like they tried to un-derp derpy take a look