Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Equestria Daily biased?

Well this is not new to a few in the community. We have heard reports from different groups of people with different accusations. Read on

The most recent one comes to us from Purple Tinker on Twitter. She tried to get Equestria Daily to publish a story about Amy Keating Rogers’ efforts to make a documentary to raise funds for her disabled son. rakka submitted the following to EqD

"I think she’s done so much for bronies not only because of the Derpy issue but also for the great episodes she’s written; not to mention the other cartoons she’s worked on. I feel like we should try to give back by at least raising awareness for it, maybe there are bronies who would help raise money to license the content to get the film into some theatres, or maybe some bronies work in theatres and have connections. Either way, it would be great if we showed our support."


The article says that EqD refused to publish the story because it was from another news site. We have reached out to EqD for a comment. We have heard other reports from artists about them being biased towards their work. We suggest you help out in two ways.

1.) Go here and view the documentary and help out.
2.) write EqD at submit@equestriadaily.com and tell them about the article. Let us know if you receive any response and what that response is by using our submit option

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  1. The quote above is not from me. (My grammar is a bit better than that. ;) ) However, I DO agree with the quote. It evidently originates from rakka at http://savederpy.tumblr.com/post/19165828989/why-i-dont-like-equestria-daily

    What I did was try to bring the matter to the attention of Sethisto. I believe that a story on Ms. Rogers's documentary SHOULD be published on EqD, and I told Seth as much.


  2. Never mind the above; you corrected the attribution to rakka. :>

  3. exactly thanks again for letting me know :3