Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The brony thank you project update

Last evening over on the EqD an indie project was announced dubbed The Brony Thank You Project.  The general concept of the project is the funding of a 30 second commercial that would air on The Hub from the general pony community, thanking the fine folks at DHX Media, Top Draw Studio and of course Hasbro for the great show they have put on.  The commercial itself would be clips of community members reading a thank you message.  The project itself needed $2000 USD for a one time airing, but at the time of me writing this article has garnished $10,230 USD once again proving this fandom has too much disposable income.  The Indiegogo fund raiser page can be found here.

Needless to say the project has had mixed reviews from the community as many people feel that its a bad idea in general.  I do understand the concept of thanking these guys for their work and dedication to a show that was originally a 22 minute commercial back in the 1980s, I’m sure none of them expected a mass following of adultish people but seem to be happy with us.  But in general many feel that the money that is going into this project would be more useful towards a charity, such as Madeline Peters’ (Scootaloo) Art for Africa project that also receive pledges of over $10,000 USD last weekend.  You know its serious business when /co/’s MLPG crowd AND Ponychan agree the idea is bad (these two groups have a tradition of not getting along and never agreeing on anything, so I’m waiting for the rift in time and space to open up and destroy us all).  Someone has even started a petition against it.
Along with the negative vibes behind the project, some are questioning if anything about this project is a fact, or is it one giant scam.  The individual behind the project happens to be a frequent visitor to my local irc channel and I can say that I trust the guy enough to know that this is not a scam.  The person has spoke with The Hub and been given permission to run the project (which in turn would equate to The Hub asking Hasbro if its alright if they did this).  The general concept of the commercial itself as said above is multiple individuals who will be reading a thank you letter, and its been expressed that the project organizer wishes to find what I would dub “upright” citizens, such as a fireman or even a soldier who has served his/her country in Afghanistan.  Since the project now has five times the amount original requested, the commercial will get multiple airings on the Hub, as the $2000 USD deal was for a one time shot, and at a discount thanks to The Hub.  As of this morning it also seems that William Anderson (background composer for the show) has agreed to score the background music for the commercial, though noted that its kind of weird to score music for something that is basically thanking him.

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