Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BronyCon VA complaints

The bronycon convention schedule has been released and with it some new complaints from the community.

With the new site design the team behind bronycon has posted the convention lineup

Final Panel Schedule


Time Mane Hall Tail Hall Autographs
10:00-11:00 AM Opening Ceremonies Simulcast
11:00-12:00 AM Musicians in the Morning Equestria Daily Q&Neigh
12:00-1:00 PM Behind  the Voices Simulcast
1:00-2:00 PM Cosplay Photoshoot Meet the TwitterPonies
2:00-3:00 PM Cosplay Photoshoot Pony Game Developers
3:00-4:00 PM Speed Drawing Contest (to 3:30) Music Workshop
4:00-5:00 PM An Hour with Lauren Faust Simulcast
5:00-6:00 PM Friendship is Witchcraft Fan Fiction Fun
6:00-7:00 PM The BronyStudy Panel Animators Get Animated
7:00-9:00 PM BronyCon Auction

9:00-2:00 AM Bronypalooza


Time Mane Hall Tail Hall Autographs
10:00-11:00 AM Writing is Magic Studying the Herd
11:00-12:00 AM Ponies: The Anthology 2 and PMV panel BronyCon Staff Q&Neigh
12:00-1:00 PM Pony Parliament
1:00-2:00 PM Cosplay Photoshoot Cosplay Photoshoot
2:00-3:00 PM Voice Actors in the Community Speed Drawing Contest (to 2:30)
3:00-4:00 PM An Hour with John de Lancie Simulcast
4:00-5:00 PM Artists Anonymous Live from BronyCon: Pony Podcasts
5:00-6:00 PM Cosplay Contest YTPMVs EIEIO
6:30-7:00 PM Closing Ceremonies

Now for the issues. The Behind the voices section is a panel with the voice actors from the show but its receiving complaints for having 7 actors in an hour. That's right for 1 hour 7 voice actors. Some fans believe that this is not allowing enough time for fans to interact with the voice actors. Tell us your thoughts below

If you want to express your concerns visit

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