Thursday, May 31, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle V has launched, offering amazing indie games for amazing charities, and that means the Humble Brony Bundle is back in business!

Quick refresher: the Humble Indie Bundle lets you pay how much you want for a pack of indie games and decide how much of that goes to charity, to the developers, and to the Humble Bundle site itself. The Humble BRONY Bundle collects donations from bronies to short our combined support for their cause by making one large donation, which can be seen on the Humble Indie Bundle site top ten list. 60% goes to charity, 30% to developers, and 10% to support the site.

Thanks to all your support the Humble Brony Bundle has now raised and contributed over $25,000 since it began just six months ago! Thank you so very much, everypony! This would have been literally impossible without all of you! And your support goes to help Child's Play buy toys and games for children in hospitals, helps the Electronic Frontier Foundation defend our rights on the internet, and supports indie developers in living the dream of creating awesome things for us while raising their families. Plus, we kind of made the creator of Minecraft, Notch, into a brony. That has to count for something, right? :D

$25,000 is an amazing milestone, but these causes still need our support! Want to help? THANK YOU! Go to the Humble Brony Bundle site and click on Donate on the right sidebar. Don't have any money to spare right? That's okay, no pressure, just please take the time to let your friends know about the cause. Thanks again!

And don't forget to follow on Twitter @HumbleBrony for updates and quick blurbs on indie games and charity efforts!

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