Saturday, May 19, 2012

Important letter

Last night a staff member of the midnight run was attack online because the internet group though he was me. Rest assured that this has cleared and the staff member is fine and is still on board.

As bronies we will be attack no matter how much good we bring to the world and to others around us. This is always a great reminder of why we need to love and tolerate some people even if they are blind to see.

As the head of this stream I will not stand for staff to be attacked so here's what we are doing. 1.) We are speaking to local authorities about the attack 2.) We are speeding up the work behind the charity events just so we can still do our part. If you guys have any questions email us by using the link at the top.

Richard Matthews 
Midnight Run


  1. I wonder who the member was and where he was attacked...This intolerance needs justice and vengeance!

  2. Wow that's just wrong <.< Why would someone actually attack a staff member??