Thursday, May 3, 2012


OK so i get bored once in a while and I go trolling online. Lets take a look at some cool MLP merchandise that's just begging you to throw your bits at your screen NOW!

SAY WHAT? A key chain of our favorite wall-eyed pony? Throw your bits at your screen now and if you need to save a few bit use the code " SAVEME10 " to get 10% off. But act now while you still can. VISIT NOW

Now eaby has always been a hit and miss when it comes to MLP merchandise but here our some selections just begging for your bits!

BRONY vinyl decal

That's right so when people see you rolling they can love you even more when you show of this 20% cooler rainbow dash on your car.

Comes in

Order yours NOW for only $5 USD

want another design? Well the same seller also has

Just be ready to shell over $7

This is by far the coolest thing so far in our trip around the web. A rainbow Dash bed. That's right this user recreated RD'S bed from the episode

The creator has plans to sell it but.. i'm pretty sure you'll need bags full of bits but we'll just wait and see what happens. Check out his work here

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