Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's coming....

 Someone birthday is coming!

Hard to believe that in August the Midnight Run was born but on August 2011 the Midnight Run was born! Created as a hub for Bronies, gamers, anime fans to unite and enjoy their favorite things. Just like any story there was a rocky start but we quicky moved past the Internet issue then tackled the streaming equipment issue.


Wow when i look back at some of the logos they really seem rather simple. We started up in August of 2011 to give you guys the ultimate viewing experience, and you guys showed your support through every bump

Then came season 2 and with it a new touch up and the birth of some amazing features. To keep with the founding beliefs of the Midnight Run we created the Jestream with Pulse news. Jetstream gave you the quickest way to watch your ponies while on the road or if your don't want to search youtube. We had  you covered. Next came pulse which created a news section founded on the beliefs of the Midnight Run. Pulse covers all the greatest news in MLP MINUS the gore, rule 34, and clop things. Pulse showed what the fandom and community is REALLY about. A random that likes the show based on what it shows and the belief that one day maybe this world could be more like equestria with everyone living in peace and NOT what most people think about bronies.

Whats next? well you'll see with our Midnight Run birthday BASH. We'll have a DJ in studio throwing down some sick beats, new logo, new content with what you know and expect from us. Lets show the world what bronies are really about.

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Midnight Run Staff

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  1. Wow. That means I've been with this program since it aired S2E1.