Friday, May 11, 2012

Just a few mroe days left for TPM

About this project

This project is being pulled together with the help of one other. Together we want to raise money to be able to bring the museum across to the United States to the major conventions in order to showcase the artists being featured. The funding will be put towards making sure that travel is possible for our project.
The Traveling Pony Museum Project stemmed from a small idea, host an artist spotlight at one convention and showcase some local artist talent. It grew from there when a friend suggested that perhaps the museum could go to more than one convention, and reach out to more of the community. The museum is being put together for the artists, those who see little to no recognition or have talents that should not be pushed aside.
With the funding we can gather we will be renting transportation to properly transport the delicate art pieces as well as buy proper display material so that the pieces are safe while being shown.
What is the Traveling Pony Museum?
The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork, plushies, sculptures and more from various artists of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fandom community. The purpose is to act as a showcase to bring talent and creativity of artists to the community who may otherwise not have a chance to see such things in person. We currently have over 35 different artists on board with almost 100 pieces coming in.
The Museum will be traveling to all major MLP conventions throughout the United States including BronyCon, Everfree NW, Canterlot Gardens, Bronies D.C., Bronies Boston, Bronies NYC and more.
The Traveling Pony Museum will also be making an appearance at the Seattle Childrens Hospital along with Voice Actors from the show itself. Our goal there is to bring smiles to sick and injured kids.
The museum is already underway in being pulled together with art pieces coming in one by one. All we need now is a way to get to where we need to go.

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  This project will be funded on Sunday May 20, 12:00pm EDT.

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