Tuesday, May 1, 2012

message from "not a clever pony"

After a few months of calling it quits Not a clever pony has a message to the community. Read it here!

  Not a clever pony posted this on their DA account stating

"I wish I could think of a more eloquent way to re-introduce myself after the seven-month hiatus, but there are a number of things that I need to efficiently address.

For the next set of points to make sense, I need to come out.

The day before I posted my farewells here, I received from my therapist a recommendation letter for hormone replacement therapy. I've been taking estrogen and antiandrogens since January (you take these for as long as you live). Here's what I'm trying to say: I'm an MTF transsexual.

Back then, it was difficult for me to vision financial stability. My network reacted very viscerally and, yeah, I lost the support of my immediate family as I came out of the closet. I bowed out of the scene indefinitely. Didn't think it was fair to promise more music if my situation didn't permit it, and I omitted the intimate, personal nature behind my leave.

I'm an optimist. I believe that what's important is that my situation, although not repaired, has since then improved and that things are looking up. I had many dark days, and I did come back here to look at the comments. Thank you all. You really got me through.

Well, I'm not good at maintaining a solemn tone for long, so now, onto the fun stuff!

A\\\ I miss making music. I'm slowly composing again, I just finished a 30 second demo that I put on some soundcloud account.

B\\\ I will be hanging out at the summer Bronycon, somewhat incognito (my hotel room was just confirmed, yay). I'll wear a hoodie or something as to not scare people. I just really want to say hi to a handful of folks and pay my respects to Ms.Faust.

C\\\ There's a big chance I'll do an intimate, post-bronycon show. I'm planning on performing some of the old tracks on my trusty AkaiAPC40. If all goes well, I might bring some friends, and make it a proper 'con afterparty.

D\\\ Regarding my future music entries, save for the mini-show above, I will leave the name Notacleverpony alone. It was a pony-exclusive project, really. Many people liked what that name represented and the last thing I want to be is indelicate.

If it turns out people are really okay with what I've just divulged simply want more of my music no matter what I call myself, I'll release the link and name of my new project. I'll post it later in the comments.

Thanks for hearing me out! : )"


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