Sunday, May 20, 2012

Midnight Run's summer of caring event

Alright guys we've hinted at it and now where telling you what we have planned. Its the Midnight Run's Summer of caring event. That's right were teaming up with Seeds of kindness and KiKi's cancer fund

Check out t he info about the charities below and what we have planned!

First up we have been working with KiKi to help raise money for her cancer fund. We will post more info about the event as it gets closer to the even.

Heres some info on the first charity up

The family and friends of Kiki are uniting to raise money to help pay for alternative treatments for her brain tumor.

Our 6 year-old daughter Kiki was diagnosed with a mass on her brain in early January, 2011. She had surgery to remove whatever amount was possible without effecting her brain. A biopsy revealed that it was not benign, therefore the standard treatment of chemo and radiation was offered.
Through our research, we found out that this type of treatment was risky and could leave permanent damage. Also, there was absolutely no guarantee that chemo would cure her and may put her life at further risk.
My wife and I made a decision to try alternative treatment for Kiki. Doctors did not believe that other treatments would work, but her doctor was surprised a few months later when an MRI revealed that the mass was almost completely gone! We were very happy to see our daughter back to being completely normal.
About 6 months later she started showing new symptoms that made us suspect and worried. A new MRI confirmed that something came back and was creating pressure. We started our mission again to get our daughter back to health. We knocked on many doors, did research and prayed for hours for wisdom.
We found a doctor who practices alternative medicine in Sacramento that has successfully treated many patients with similar conditions as our daughter. Encouraged by their testimonials, we immediately packed and rushed to Sacramento to start the treatment. The results have been encouraging but it has been a slow process. We have now been staying at a hotel for over 4 months and our older 9 year-old daughter is now going to a school in Sacramento.
Our health insurance has totally denied paying for her treatment. We have exhausted our financial ability to continue with the treatment and now against all that we have ever imagined we are asking for your contribution and help.
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read this letter and for your contribution.

After that the Seeds of Kindness event will be up


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