Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Traveling Pony Museum Update

The Traveling Pony Museum has been something that we have promoted here before on Pulse. Here is the groups most recent update.

Hey there!

We'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who supported the museum through kickstarter! We managed to hit 150% funding which will be going towards travel expenses and buying toys for the kids of the Seattle Children's Hospital during our trip to Everfree NW! Rewards will be sent out over the next few weeks to bear with us as we pack and ship everything. 

We also now have a TPM Airship Pin thanks to Pin Filly!  

The pin is 1.5" and full of sheer Sweet and Elite awesomeness. Pins will also be sold at BronyCon! If all goes well then we'll also be selling them at TrotCon, EverfreeNW and Canterlot Gardens but pre-orders are the easiest way to snag one before the summer and before they run out! 

The museum is also still on the lookout for artists who want to have their work featured at the major conventions this summer across the United States.

Please email if you have something you'd like to see be a part of this amazing traveling collection. 

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