Monday, June 4, 2012

Bronycon Documentary new milestone

The Bronycon Documentary Kickstarter has hit a whole pile of milestones in the last few days.  It already broke the 200,000 dollar goal, and It is also the 6th most funded film of all time on the website.  This is getting huge! We even got a Wired article report. 

They are looking for another 70k to hit up BUCK over in Manchester, England in August and Galacon in Stuttgart, Germany in August.  They also need quite a bit more from you guys that doesn't involve money.  A few more specific bronies need to be added to the mix.  They also have a new art contest available with a prize of $500 going to the winner.   Check out the casting call and more information on the contest after the break, or on their page here!

 The DustyKatt Show will have both Micheal Brockhoff and Laurent Malaquais on tonight! Check out the show here!

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