Friday, June 8, 2012

Convention updates!

So little time

Sweet Apple Acres Convention in Nashville TN Announced

Announcing a brand new con for those who needed it. Sweet Apple Acres Convention is a brand new con for the Brony fandom! Located in Nashville, TN, the 2013 con has already shown it's power, gaining over 100 "likes" on Facebook only with soft release from the Bronies' Facebook page. The current date for this con will be July 12-14 2013, well into the summer circuit where many will not have to worry of the hustle and bustle of school. Not to mention that, with over a year's notice, it gives the attendees a cheaper hotel rate, a better chance to save up, and helps the staff know what the fans really want. That's right, we want your opinion! So, head on over to or and tell us who and what YOU want to see at Sweet Apple Acres. Ya know, besides yourself. Keep calm and Brony on!

 Trotcon Costume Contest

Got a knack for making costumes? No? Well, enter our cosplay contest anyway! We encourage anypony, at any level, to compete and participate in this event with your best pony costumes! Signups will be on Saturday of the con, and once you’re signed up, please show up one hour before Masquerade, where you will be judged on your costume and then be seated in the green room until showtime. During the show, you'll be asked to walk on stage to show off your duds, and afterwards, prizes will be given out for the following categories:
  • Best Craftsmanship: any costume that was completely made from the costumer's skill, and does not include any pre-made or store-bought items.
  • Best Personification/Humanized: the pony we believe best translated the character they're cosplaying as. This includes the use of any "found items" -- that is, items purchased from a retail store. This also includes any craftsmanship, and even can include your personality!
  • Best Fursuit: any full-body costume made to represent a more literal translation of the character (sometimes also known as a "mascot" suit)
  • If we have any entrants that are youngin's, we'll be more than happy to open up a children's award as well.

Equestria LA Guest Panel Announcement  

  Check it out here! You must have adobe reader to view this!

BUCK Early Pegasus Tickets Sold Out!

Both the Early Pegasus and 20% Cooler Tickets are now sold out! Only Standard £45 tickets remain:

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