Friday, June 15, 2012

Convention updates

So many convention updates below you will find info for the following conventions
  • More BUCK guests, Competition, and Vendor Flier
  • Equestria LA Online Registraion OPEN
  • Traveling Pony Museum Updates
  • Your last chance to get into the Tara/John/Lauren MeetGreet!

 More BUCK guests, Competition, and Vendor Flier

Two new guests!
Sketchy Sounds from the Everfree Radio crew and Laserpon3 who will be providing pretty lasers for our fabulous pinkie pie party on the Saturday night!

Also, If anyone feels like bagging themselves 3 free Standard tickets to BUCK, they can enter our publicity competition! More details here!

We've whipped up a cracking new flier featuring Britannia asking for vendors- It's £20 for a table for the whole weekend. Just contact

Equestria LA Online Registraion OPEN

We know you’ve been waiting in anticipation for this because our inboxes are full of emails asking about it-- Equestria LA is proud to announce that online registration is now available! Our registration team, who has been working non-stop over the past weeks to make sure our system is fully functional, has finally given us the “all systems go”.

We won’t be selling any tickets at the door this year. The only way to secure a ticket is through online registration. So, head over to and purchase a ticket. Although we’re holding Equestria LA at the spacious Anaheim Convention Center November 3, 2012 our cap this year is 500 attendees and we expect to sell out, so buy your tickets soon!

Traveling Pony Museum Updates

it's almost time for BronyCon and the Traveling Pony Museum's debut! 
There is still a lot to do over here and the artist page on our website will be fixed soon.


The TPM needs security bronies for BronyCon! 
Your job will include hanging out with us in the museum room and making sure that nothing goes missing during the con. 
You MUST bring and present ID. (Any form of ID - anything that has your name and picture on it) We do need to make sure you're not a changeling after all. 
So, if you're attending BronyCon and want to help out and possibly even score an awesome exclusive t-shirt...  Send over an email request to

A REQUEST TO ALL ARTISTS : Please 'watch' Inky Notebook on Deviant Art for update posts and news.

If you have not already sent your artwork, sculpture, plush or piece to us then please do quickly. 

If you do not see your name on the artist page on the TPM website and you should be there, please let us know!
Also, if you do not have a blurb or email under your name then please send them to us! 

Email for the shipping address.

The letters to Lauren Faust via Project: Dear Princess Celestia have been compiled into the final scrapbook for presentation. It looks amazing, everypony! If you still want to submit a letter and you can get it to us before BronyCon or at the con itself then you can still participate! Requirements are begin with Dear Princess Celestia, end with Your Faithful Student (Insert Name Here) and write about what this fandom and show has taught you / how it has changed you.

Final Update! 

The TPM will have a booth in Artist Alley at BronyCon as well as the display room for the museum itself.

We will be selling posters to benefit the museum and the museum artists. A % of the sales will go back to the artists after BronyCon. We will also be having some fun little blind drawings where you can win free prizes as well as mystery boxes filled with... well... guaranteed mysterious awesome. Oh, and Wave 4 Blind Bags as well among other things. Psyched yet? 

Go grab your BronyCon ticket and meet us there! We can't wait to see you all! 

Check in on our website - for more updates and a fixed artist page soon.

Follow us on twitter as well -  @mlpfimtpm

-The Traveling Pony Museum Team

Your last chance to get into the Tara/John/Lauren Meet&Greet!

Do you want an opportunity to attend an exclusive Meet & Greet with John de Lancie (the voice of Discord), Lauren Faust (creator of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic') and Tara Strong (the voice of Twilight Sparkle) the day before BronyCon– the Meet & Greet usually only open to those who donated $2,500 or more to BronyCon: The Documentary?

This is your chance! The very last two seats are being auctioned off now, and all funds will benefit the ASPCA. Once they're gone, they're gone forever!

Check out the auctions here and here!

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