Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Giant Pony Truck is Hitting BronyCon!

World's Manliest Truck Initiative aka The Giant Pony Truck will be making a special stop at Bronycon! Here's a bit of info from the official site:

REO Mobile Media needs your help to spread
Love and Tolerance at our next events!

Greetings Everypony! Your fellow brony, Corey Nickels here! During my
spare time, I volunteer as the tech guy for REO Mobile Media, a startup
company that specializes in mobile advertising and promotions.

This summer, the owner came to me, looking for a way to save his struggling
family business in these tough economic times. With the World's Manliest Truck
Initiative, my goal is to raise a minimum of 2000 dollars to do just that!

The World's Manliest Truck, a.k.a. the Red Giant, A.K.A SONIC ROADBOOM
is a monstrous, 93ft long, 72,000 lb, flaming red mobile advertising rig outfitted
with retractable 11ft x 6ft LED screens on both sides of the vehicle... and with a
small donation, it can be COVERED in PONIES!

But that's not the best part: The SONIC ROADBOOM will travel across the
United States, lighting up locations from Iola, Wisconsin, to Daytona, Florida!

During events at each tour stop, we will be showing your submitted images, ads,
animations, and videos on the screens in a continuous loop for the duration of
each event. (Loops are played for one day, a maximum of 60 times per hour, for
8-12 hours, depending on submissions and duration of event)

Here's what your donation gets you:

$1- Help save the Red Giant /)^3^(\
$3- 1 image per loop
$5- 2 images per loop
$10- 5 images per loop
$20- 1 minute video + free Red Giant poster
$50- 2 minute video + free Red Giant shirt or poster
$100+ - 5 minute video + free Red Giant shirt and poster

*This chart is a reference. You can choose custom time intervals to fit your content!

All donors receive a photo or video of their content being played on the truck!

For more info, check them out at  http://www.reomobilemedia.com/Sonic_Roadboom

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