Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello everypony.  We have five new bronies in need of help.  We’re hoping to raise $2500 collectively for them, so please come by and help these great people out.

First up we have Krill from Ask Queen Chrysalis. Krill recently lost her job, can’t afford internet, and is in danger of having nowhere to go.
Next we have TJ Carson of Ask Pirate DashHe lost his job a month ago and is currently living on unemployment.  He has a wife and 3 year old child and really needs the help.
BitterFrost was also fired unexpectedly. She doesn’t have a permanent place to stay and currently only making money off of commissions, which isn’t enough to live on.
In a recurring theme, FlavinBagel of Ask Gamer Ponies was also fired and needs a bit of money for rent next month. He is currently unemployed and looking for work.
Finally, Leigh of Ask Fizzy is behind on bills is and can barely support herself and her fiancé. All of these are really great people and it would be awesome if we could help them all out.
Make sure to head on over to Bronyfunds on June 9th-22nd and participate in a good cause.
Join us a Bronyfunds for fun, prizes, game streams, fanfic readings, and more.
Moreover, in a blog post from June 9 they announced several amazing guests! I hope this information is still current.
And not to mention, besides our wonderful blog artists, there will be some more special guests making an appearance for your entertainment. We will have Bree Faith (voice actor of Pinkie in the Epic Cupcake Time series), ROBCakeran53 (author of My Little Dashie), the staff of Everypony Sings, and Saberspark. So come by, watch some streams with our guests, have fun, and remember to donate to a good cause! Thanks!
Head over here to visit their website and donate!

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