Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Little Dashy project looking for artists

Gearbox is looking for artist in the community in making a visual novel for the classic story of my little dashy. Check out the info below

Hey there,

My name is Gearbox, and my team and I are beginning production on a visual novel adaptation of My Little Dashie. The author, Robcakeran53, has given us permission to do so, and we’re working very closely with him.

However, we are currently in need of artists, and we were hoping you could help spread the word! We’re looking for people comfortable and experienced with drawing scenery and landscapes that will be able to convey the tone and atmosphere of the fanfic. Being able to draw show-accurate ponies is also highly preferred. Anyone interested should contact me at and provide samples of their work or a link to their DeviantArt, portfolio, or something similar.

Our team so far consists of myself (programming),  Mbul who will be producing an entirely original soundtrack, a character artist, and Robcakeran53. This will be a short visual novel(novella, rather), so the team will obviously not be as big as other, larger productions.


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