Monday, July 16, 2012

Bronycon press release on Howard Stern

As most of you have probably already heard. Howard Stern recently made some comments and played some interviews supposedly from Bronycon. As most people who don't research anything and our out just to make money from their radio show. After some investigation bronycon has released this statement below.

BronyCon has heard your concerns about the Howard Stern Show's portrayal of the fandom. We have determined that the show conducted all interviews outside of the venue, off of BronyCon grounds. While it's unfortunate that these folks decided to come out and act in such an unprofessional manner, we feel it is best to shrug off the typical reaction and instead focus on those press outlets that gave our community a fair story.

-Haybuck Head of Public Relations BronyCon 2013

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  1. Our good friend PixelKitties shared her thoughts.Washed up, has-been shock jock is running out of ways to be a jerk. News at 11.
    Seriously, making fun of overweight depressed kids is low even for Howard Stern.It irritates me, but its sadly to be expected.