Monday, July 9, 2012

Military Brony Website now open

Hey guys, the military bronies here. Our new website/base of operations, FOB Equestria, is starting to take shape. But we are in dire need of some of that fancy brony art!

So we would like to reach out to the artists out there and ask if some of you could help us out with a banner for the website and our very own coat of arms/insignia/crest. The sky is the limit here guys, but the banner needs to be no more than 1000x300px big.

To give the artists a bit of inspiration and insight into what we are about, here is our mission statement:

All contributions can be sent to:


  1. I'd join the army if Lyra was in my squad.

  2. you know who the artist is for that picture? My 8 yr old son is autistic and a DIEHARD Brony...and he loves anything involving tanks/military. I wanted to know if I could buy a print for my son for his birthday.