Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update on Kiki

Dear friends,

Kiki is doing well and slowly recovering from the surgery she had 2 weeks ago.  At this point the infections controller doctor is treating an infection she got after surgery when they installed a "Shunt" (to help drain liquids).  We hope that within a few days the antibiotics will treat the issue.
We have some incredible news that may get some of you stirred up but at this point our priority is getting Kiki back to health:

(more below)

* During the most recent surgery at Rady hospital in San Diego, the doctors suspected that based on the way "the tumor behaved and bled" it may not be the kind of tumor that was diagnosed by the hospital in Los Angeles 20 months ago which they said had 0% chance of recovery.  By checking it at the Rady hospital lab they confirmed that it was a mistake.  An independent lab who tested the tumor confirmed that the diagnosis in Los Angeles was wrong!

What does this mean?  The new diagnosis is also that the tumor is malignant and rare but if diagnosed on time for children over the age of 3 years old, the cure rate is 70-80% (wow!). Dr. Crawford, the Oncologist here at Rady hospital, told us that if we would have known about it earlier it would have been easier to cure and less potential damage would occur.

The main reason that we did not continue with traditional medicine for Kiki in the Los Angeles Hospital was, that the wrong diagnosis gave her a maximum of 3-4 months, if they'll use chemo and we did not accept this and searched for Alternative medicine that literally saved her life.
I must say that your contribution and financial support is the reason we were able to do all of these great natural treatments for Kiki in Tijuana Mexico.  We crossed the border back to that states and ended up here in San Diego where we have found this incredible hospital.  This hospital is independent of "the system" that could or may not be able to provide us with this great news.  Or even with any option in the western medicine since so many others have declined based on "the system's medical opinion".

I personally believe that your prayers, email, tweets and the extraordinary Bronies support lead by our dear friend Tara, helped create this protective spiritual shield for Kiki and our family,  This great energy was what brought about these encouraging changes in diagnososes.
We are gratefull for all your help and support so far.  We will need to continue care for Kiki for the next few months and our plan is to provide her with the best and least invasive treatment we can find to eliminate any remaining bad cells.

As you can see with your help we are doing the right things for Kiki.  We still need your  support.  If you are able to donate, Pray and assist with promoting this fundraiser and mission to your friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks we'd appreciate it very much.
God bless you and thank you very much for your prayers and support.

Love and regards,
Ami Havivy

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