Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sad Goodbye to Veggie55

The main thing that I love about the brony community is the sheer level of talent. Whether it's musicians such as IBeABronyRapper and The Living Tombstone, to video editers/entertainers such as SaberSpark and DustyKatt, to artists like PixelKitties and MixiPony, the quality of the finished product and the love put into it is awe inspiring.

One artist that I've always admired is Veggie55. I've chatted with fellow Midnight Run staff about his comics, sharing laughs at whatever pony is dealing with whatever dilemma. There is no doubt he knows what he's doing, and constantly outdoes himself in his comics.

Earlier today, he shocked the brony community yet again, but this time, there was no laughter, as he announced that he was taking an indefinite hiatus, which could become permanent. If you'd like to know the details of why, click here to read the full journal entry on his dA. 

I understand that everyone must move on at some point in their lives, but that doesn't make it any less sad. While he promises to keep in touch, knowing there won't be any new comics, which I've always enjoyed, breaks my heart a little bit.

And so, with that being said, let me finish with this:

Veggie, your comics have made me smile when I felt I couldn't. They have inspired me to get better at my own art work. Whatever path you choose in life, I hope you succeed as much as you've succeeded in this little community.

On behalf of The Midnight Run, I wish to say good bye and to thank you for all of the smiles you have brought into our lives.  

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