Monday, August 27, 2012

Brony Fan Fair Schedule Now up

Do you live in or near Austin Texas? Well this is the con for you. With just a little over a week left till the start the con organizers have posted some new announcements and have their con schedule live! Check out their press release and con schedule below!

We are happy to announce our first events schedule for Brony Fan Fair 2012. Check out all the exciting panels and events we have in store for you! Some panels are hosted by our own guests of honor and some are hosted by your fellow members in the MLP fan community. Let us know what events are you looking forward to the most on our Facebook!
We have also updated our link under the programming drop down menu to link to the .PDF:
Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Bonus Guest Announcement: Paleo!

Another guest has been added to the roster of Brony Fan Fair 2012! We would like to welcome Paleo to the first brony convention in Texas! Paleo is a host of the livestream podcast Brony Breakdown alongside fellow brony, Sabrespark. Brony Breakdown discusses current events in the fandom as well as personally picked fan content. The podcast airs every Thursday at 9PM CST. Visit their livestream page at!
Paleo is currently working on a project known as “The Brony Chronicles.” It will include the origins and evolution of the brony fandom as well interviews with different members of the brony fandom, an overview of the staff and show and the sociological perspective of being a brony.
Paleo will be hosting three panels at Brony Fan Fair 2012: the livestream podcast panel “Brony Breakdown LIVE!”; “Bronies: Inside and Out,” which will discuss different perspectives from the fandom; and a preview of “The Brony Chronicles.”
Brony Fan Fair 2012 is almost here! Prepare for preparations!

Find out more about the con:


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