Friday, August 3, 2012

Fighting is Magic LEAKED!

Mane6 has decided not to removed the download so based on that you can download it here

In case you have heard a leak of Fighting is magic was placed on the internet we have decided not to post a link to download it (unless mane 6 dev team gets ok over this) but there are now videos that have been released. The mane 6 development team has posted a comment regarding this. there are now videos all across youtube showing music and other info from the game. The mane 6 has released the following press release and other info on changes to the develop team.

Open Letter to the Brony Fandom and the Fighting is Magic follower base.

As you might be aware today, one of our QAs broke our trust and a NDA agreement, and leaked a working build of Fighting is Magic to the Internet. As a result, our Internal QA testing program has been terminated.

The unfinished version of Fighting is Magic is, needless to say, unsupported. We won't answer any questions relative to it, we won't give technical support to it, we won't discuss mechanics or graphic details from it, given its status as a leaked, unfinished, internal testing build, which happened to be leaked just right before a major update was pushed to our now closed QA test program.

We're very, very disappointed in those we gave our trust to. We're also very disappointed in those downloading and distributing the leaked version.

Teaches us a lesson, though.

For now, Fighting is Magic will be going on a closed development cycle. No further QA, Alpha, Beta or testing program will be started or maintained until we have the remaining two characters done for the initial build. In addition BSUs will be cancelled, and no major content-related updates to the website will be forthcoming until further notice, while we at Mane6 deal with this situation and discuss changes for the future of the project.

That's all for now.

- Mane6

P.s. Don't worry, the game is still in the works. We're just dealing with the current situation.

Hey folks. A few additional notes in regards to the open letter:

1) The game's not cancelled, we're still working on it

2) We'll still be attending Canterlot Gardens.

3) We're not stopping anyone from playing the leak. Just bear in mind that's it's an unfinished version of the game, which happened to be leaked right before we got to a major content update. You can have fun playing the game if you want to. We won't be linking the download, nor giving technical support or taking gameplay feedback relative to the build, due to the fact that as of tonight, it is an already OUTDATED patch.

4) BSUs won't be gone forever. We'll just have to make adjustments on our scheduling for updates, as whatever we -could- show you or highlight in the next couple of weeks is already present in the leak. The leak basically knocked out our couple-of-weeks buffer on content that we wanted to present, and our current work for the past couple of weeks is of the not-so-interesting kind, which won't make for BSUs.

5) A clarification, with a slight misphrasing above (sorry guys): We're not going to be starting or mantaining an OPEN alpha, beta or QA testing program. We'll be starting a closed, internal QA again (where, obviously, none of the testers of our past QA will be present if we can't find the leaker). Just as the previous interal QA, we'll be handpicking our subjects, this time, however, a bit more carefully than in the past. No applications will be taken for this QA program, as we can't ascertain the credibility and trust of people mailing applications to us.

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