Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fighting is Magic Online Multiplayer!!!

Did you download Fighting is Magic yet? Well it's been discovered that there is a online multilayer option. Below we have instructions on how to set it up! Let us know what you think. We have received some reports of there being some desyncing issues. But with out futher ado here you go!

Download the FiM from the following link and extract: LINK 1

2) Download MTSP at the following link

3) Boot MTSP. I have it in the same folder as FiM.exe for convenience, but it isn't required to be in the same folder.

4) If you know for a fact that your ports are forwarded, select Host. If you are unsure or can't port forward, select client. This will come into play later on in the set-up. Enter the server name into the field marked "Destination IP". If your server admin has told you to check the DNS box, remember to check it.

5) If you want to have a name aside from Guest###, go to the Option tab and change the Nickname field to whatever you want. You can also give yourself a Tagline that appears for everyone when you connect. It's highly recommended you include a general location [ex. Midwest, East Coast, Europe, Côte d'Ivoire, etc.] in your tagline so people can easily see where you are and have an idea about the connection strength. As another note, you will not see your own tagline when you connect to a server.

6) Click OK and connect to the server.

7) Before you start beating up technicolor ponies, go to Options -> Settings. From here, go to the General tab and set the Game Executable Path. Click "..." and select the FightingIsMagic.exe wherever you have it saved. Optionally, if you want to store replays, create a subfolder in the Fighting Is Magic folder labeled Replays and select it in the "Saved Replays Folder". The Autosave Replays checkbox should be self-explanitory. Replays can be viewed through File -> Replay file playback or with the /replay command.

8) Go to the Game tab in Settings and change Netplay Settings as follows:
Max. Stage #: 4
Random Stage: 0
# of Rounds: 2
Game Timer: 99

9) Under Title Bar, check the Nicknames, Number of Games Played and FPS boxes.

10) Under Startup, check the Launch at 640 x 480 Box. Click Apply, then OK.

11) A clarification about Host/Client: If you are a client [name in black], then you can only challenge those who are hosts [name in blue] or server admins [name in green]. Clients can NOT challenge other clients because neither person has port forwarding. If you are a host, you can challenge anyone on the server if they are available. Again, only choose host if you are certain that your ports are forwarded. If you are a server admin, you probably knew all this info already, so stop reading.

12) To check the ping of a specific person on the server, you can either double-click their username or highlight them, right-click, and select Ping. Please note that MTSP and the way it pings users sometimes results in ridiculous pings [100k+], so if you get a result like that, try again until you get a consistent return [variable within 20ms]. Ideally, you want to face someone with under 100ms ping, but beggars can't be choosers in some cases.

13) If you are challenged by someone else, the game will start automatically and you can begin playing. To challenge a specific person in the server, highlight them, right click and select Challenge. If you cannot highlight them in blue, they cannot be challenged.  If you want a quick match and do not care about who your opponent is, use the /vs command and a match with someone who is available should begin. An explanation of the background colors on the userlist:
Red: Currently in a match.
Yellow: Away or doesn't want to be challenged. [This can be turned on/off with the /rest command.]
Green: Spectating a match.

Troubleshooting steps!!

->FightingisMagic.exe opens and then immediately closes.

Fighting is Magic draws on a component in DirectX9.c, which is not installed on Windows 7 by default. Google DirectX9.c, download and install it.  Also, make sure you have the Fighting is magic folder stored on your C:\ drive.

->I'm on a Mac and can't run FightingisMagic.exe!

Too bad kid, try Bootcamp.

->There was no response from the selected user.

The ping between you and ther person you challenged wasn't up to snuff to start a match. If you think that a match should be possible between the two of you, my only advice is to keep re-challenging until a connection is established.

Did I mess something up or forget a bit of vital info? Is an issue you're having with set-up not covered in troubleshooting? Just feel like calling me a faggot? Go to our IRC [#fightingismagic @] and contact FoshGM.

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  1. For some reason I can't challenge anyone, even those with blue names, the challenge option is greyed out. Any tips?