Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free Music Friday #1

We are pleased to announce that, tomorrow at 7pm EST, ibeabronyrapper will host our first official Free Music Friday!! You can either click the link we post on Twitter (@spectrumthepony and @ErixeyaOfficial) or watch it right from this blog (just click the Soundstage tab)!! The host will also be taking song requests, so don't be afraid to suggest a song! For more information, contact either Spectrum ( or Erixeya (

Do you want to host a Free Music Friday? If so, contact our Booking Director, Erixeya ( and @ErixeyaOfficial).

-Must have a Livestream account
-Have a live mix program (Native Instruments Traktor, etc.)*
-Must have Livestream Procaster add-on
-Must have tested out the Procaster to make sure it recognizes your mix program's audio

*This option is there because we want the most professional performance possible out of all our guest artists. If this didn't matter, we would just ask for any regular person off the street which we haven't!

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