Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HotTopic Giving away a SDCC Derpy!

Hot Topic being the popularity band wagon invaders that they are, apparently are going to be holding a contest to give away the SDCC Derpy figures.  Unfortunately there isn’t much information on this outside of what was submitted to Equestria Daily today via Justin who came across the poster at their local mall.  According to him they were “getting ready to launch”, so if you happen to have a Hot Topic near you, they may not be doing this just yet.  But if you are one who has been seeking the elusive SDCC Derpy, here’s a chance to get one.
Outside of Hot Topic about the only place you’re going to find her is on eBay, where price gouging is king.  A quick look reveals that at the moment the highest in the “buy it now” area for SDCC Derpy on eBay is $197.00, though followed by both SDCC Derpy and Zecora for a buy it now of $170.00 right below it.  The lowest is $89.99 which isn’t overly bad, but still too much for my blood (considering my dinner typically consists of beans cooked in their can over a camp fire).  Of course you can also attempt to win a bid, lowest one seems to be $49.99 with about 11 people fighting.

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