Wednesday, August 8, 2012

John de Lancie "Bronies Should Go Listen to Classical Music"

The Ravinia Music Festival will be hosting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a little more than a week from now (On August 16th and 18th to be precise!) to perform The Magic Flute. For those of you who are not instantly tantalized by this thought, let me explain. The Magic Flute is an opera written by Mozart about a prince who goes on an epic quest to save a princess in exchange for getting to marry her. It being a Mozart opera, specifically, it's also pretty hilarious. But what on earth does this have to do with ponies?

Well, I'll tell you. This particular performance of The Magic Flute is being narrated by none other than Mr. John de Lancie. You may remember, he voiced some character called Discord or something. And yes, this would seem to be a tenuous connection at best, but just wait until we get to the best part: Mr. de Lancie has requested your presence. Yes, you. Specifically. If you're going to be anywhere near Chicago in mid-August, John wants to see you there. And I know this, because he told me to tell you to come.

  John will happily sign anything you ask him to. For free! That's anything at all, SIGNED FOR FREE BY JOHN DE LANCIE. Lawn tickets are only ten dollars a piece.

Purchase Tickets - August 16
Purchase Tickets - August 18

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