Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mane 6 apologizes for overeacting

The mane 6 development team which is the team behind Fighting is Magic has released a public apology for overacting. They are now kind of encouraging bronies to play the alpha ( link located in previous post). Check out there new press release below. Honesty I feel that this leak was good for the mane 6 team. It keeps the demand up for the product, allows more hands on plays than just the ones at conventions, and also for more in depth viewing of the game play than just livestreams. This would be a good chance for the dev team to see what the community thinks and take feedback. Would have been nicer if they released the alpha and not have it leaked. If you would like to share your thoughts, drop a comment below!

Press release below

Hey all. I'm here to address some of the concerns about how we "handled" the leak. If you don't care about internet drama and our feelings then you can.. just kidding, I know that everyone cares about internet drama!
This is coming from me, Jay Wright, and I will sometimes refer to the the team as "we", sometimes I will refer to myself as "I", but a lot of this is force of habit, and while the rest of the team will read this before I post I can't say for certain that I have the same opinions or dashing good looks as them.

Basically what happened was this:

Yes, I think we overreacted with our initial post on this site, but we'll keep it up so we can all laugh at it.
First, some main points to get out of the way:

  • We don't hate you for wanting to download the alpha! Seriously. Don't feel guilty or anything. It's not something we wanted, and the only thing it's really spoiling is your anticipation of playing a well-crafted experience. We understand that people are loving/hating the leaked alpha and that's fine. We hope that even at this stage you enjoy it, but we can't really support it. 
  • Canterlot Gardens is still go. Any tournaments you see in any 'cons' before Canterlot Gardens are not official and we haven't given permission for anyone to publicly display anything from our leaked alpha. While it's flattering that other people might want to use our stolen work to sell tickets and make money, quite frankly it's a little sad.
  • The testing group is still being demolished to be rebuilt out of 99% leak-proof tester mash. While it is more likely that it was an awesome friend of one of the testers who stole the alpha on a flash drive or something, it doesn't change the fact that we can't use that group of testers anymore, because we don't want constant leaks. Stink.
  • BSUs are still going, but they MIGHT not be as regular. It was NOT our intent to punish the fans, at all. We were just butthurt. And butthurt devs on a volunteer project are not motivated devs. You don't deserve less of us just because someone was trying to win troll points from anonymous strangers by trying to make us cry. I still have to paint the RD splash before we upload the current RD theme (the one in game is not the final version), so you might get that soon.

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