Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shadowpaint's Shopping Guide for the Frugal Pony

Some of use have to use our whole paycheck on rent and bills. Some of have have jobs that pay next to . nothing. (My fellow freelance artists know what I'm talking about). And some of us have been unable to find work due to this horrible economy. Whatever the case, not everypony can afford those awesome $12 plushies that have been popping up at Wal-Mart.

Fret not, my fellow bronies. There are options for us! I have compiled this list based on my on my own findings and on information I have been given by other frugal bronies.

Check out this list after the break!

Dollar Stores (i.e. Doller General, Dollar tree)
I know these stores are well known for the knock offs, but believe it or not, they DO carry oficial merch! Recelntly, while browsing the local Dollar General, I ran into one of these:

No toys as of yet, all I have found are the coloring books. but it's a start! And at only $1, it's a good find!

Now, I haven't seen this next one myself yet, but I have read many posts about finding this at the local Dollar tree: 

This gem is also only $1 (As is everything else at the Dollar Tree). I'll likely be visiting there a lot in the near future, as my bf's mom just started working there, so I'll keep my eyes peeled and update you if I find more merch.

Flea Markets

Ok, this one is admittedly a hit-or-miss, and requires some searching on your part. I was recently at a local flea market and walked around hoping to find something pony related. Now, you may see more G1-G3.5 then G4. Here is the first thing I found during my search: 


However, if you keep your eyes peeled while walking around, you may just get lucky. After an hour of walking around, I found this:


The great thing about flea market vendors is that they more often then not have no clue about the value of what they are selling. I bought this Fluttershy for $0.50 . On eBay I'd be looking at shelling out anywhere f\rom $5 to $20. If you choose to browse around, though, keep a few extra dollars on hand and keep an eye out for the vendors selling ice cold bottled water. Those people will be your heroes after about 30 minutes of walking around.

Goodwill and garage sells.

Goodwill is a great store, even if you aren't a pony fan. I have found amazing outfits and massive bags of knitting yarn and they usually only set me back about $20 or less. The items that Goodwill sells are more often then not donated. It's very possible to find MLP merch in the toy aisle.

Also look around the shelves on top of the clothing aisles.

Garage/yard sales are another option. While this one involves a bit of driving around, most are filled with items that the kids in the household no longer want. You may want to be a little cautious of admitting that you are getting the item for yourself. You are on the seller's home turf, an the last thing you want to do is creep the person out on their own property.


Ok, I know there are a bunch of weirdos floating around, but it's still an option. Most local Craigslist pages have a toy board, and many ads have pictures. A plus to this option is that you don't have to leave the house.  Don't forget to browse the Free Stuff boards. You never know who might be willing to part with a book or a small figurine for nothing. There are usually yard/garage sell posts as well, so this could cut costs on driving around.

Well, there you have it! These are options you can take advantage of if you are looking for discount pony stuff. I will keep my eyes open for more options an will update this post as needed. 

Do you have any frugal options not listed here? Have a story about getting a great deal on anything pony? Feel free to leave your suggestions and stories in the comments!

Hope this guide has helped you guys! 

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