Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trotupon Now live!

TrotUpon is now live! What is TrotUpon? 

TrotUpon is site similar to Stumbleupon however it has been designed for the Brony community! It allows members to submit links for others to discover at random.

If you ever found something on the pony net you wanted to share or you have content you want to share to the mass of ponies on the internet, you can do that by adding your link to the database! When the user goes to the trot page and trots, they have a chance to randomly find your link, which they can then share to even more ponies!

We have a database of links built up by the community (which is why you are here right now at this point!) When a user trots, a random link is tossed up to their browser to view.

Check it out now at here