Wednesday, September 19, 2012

By your Side by Acoustic Brony

Acoustic Brony has just released a song helping to raise awareness and funds for KiKi. On the video Acoustic says

We're back and with an important message + song for you guys! (Which it looks like Mando beat us to once again.. -_-) Yay for joking around with bad counting in! Oh how Jimmy hates it when i do that! xD I love to troll ^_^

You can purchase a recorded version of this song on our bandcamp for just £1 with the option to pay an additional amount. All proceeds will go towards Kiki's treatment and helping her and her family out.

When you listen to the recorded version of this song, we would like to apologise for any roughness there may be, this would be due to the fact the mac we normally use for recording is dead.. it got knocked off the desk and well, umm.. broke. :( Therefore, we don't have any of the software or the hardware that goes with it.. So for this recording, we had to result to an old laptop. But, we did the best we could with what we had. :)

Alternatively, you can head over to their donation page and donate directly to them..

This song is for a special young girl called KikI who is currently going through a very rough time battling cancer, so please show your support in any way you can.

We want to wish the best of luck to Kiki and her family.. we're all right here supporting you!
You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
We love you.

You can find out more about KiKi and the fundraising even using the widget to the right of this page!

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