Thursday, September 20, 2012

No, you didn't miss this week's Lunar Transmissions

If you're worried that you missed the usual Wednesday broadcast of Lunar Transmissions, it's alright.
We simply had to align with a different satellite this time to catch a guest a little further away.
Lunar Transmissions will happen this Friday instead.
Check back on Friday for further updates.
This week, we will have Black Gryph0n, the awesome dude who not only makes some very tight music, but also gave us the first animation of Twilightlicious and so much more!

Also, we have Seventh Element with us. One very talented mucisan who was kind enough to provide us with the very theme song we play at the start of the show!
With any luck, we'll have one additional guest that has also made some important contributions here but we're still waiting for confirmation.

We've got one heck of a show lined up so make sure to check back on Friday (that's tomorrow at time of this post) for updates and broadcast times.

1 comment:

  1. My sister Susanna will also be joining me (Voice of Rainbow Dash in Rainbowlicious and Fighting is Magic.)