Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Las Pegasus Press release!

The Las Pegasus Unicon; An Earthy Adventure
February 22-24, 2013
at the The Riviera Hotel & Casino
Welcome Wagon Ready For Bronies in Las Vegas

At long last, the convention capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada will be playing host to a true Brony MLP:FIM Convention. Currently with over 18,000 square feet secured, Unicon will have venders selling wares, artists displaying their crafts, and discussion panels with celebrities from the show and fandom. As of this release date (9/9/12) Amy Keating Rogers, Tara Strong, and James “Coder Brony” Turner have all agreed to join us, while many others have been invited and expressed interest, details are still developing. There will be an exclusive private celebrity dinner on Saturday night (space will be limited). Check out our website to learn more about our tickets, special guests, private events, games, prizes and so much more. Looking forward to seeing every-pony there.

For updated details, ticket sales, and information on vending visit our website at:

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