Friday, September 28, 2012

New Brony convention announced

If your near the Lewisville, Texas area then there's a new con announced just for you! Brony-Fest is now set for March 29 thru the 31st 2013. They now have registration open and better get your tickets before it's to late! Even when there offering Free energy drinks at the con! Here is some more info about Brony-fest.

Brony-Fest is a 3 day long MLP fan convention presented by the DFW area's Brony community. We are an event by fans for fans!

Join us for 3 days of MLP related fun! Games, movies, art, shopping, prizes, pony related celebrities from the fan world and the industry, arts & craft workshops, and so much more. This is your chance to hang out with other area Bronies and experience all things pony for three whole days in historic Old Town Lewisville, TX!

Check out their website here

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