Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Brony Chronicles Documentary - Promo Video

The BronyCon Documentary isn't the only documentary in town recording the happens of the fandom. The folks working on The Brony Chronicles have some information they'd like to share with you as well as a promo for their work. Check it all out below.
For those not in the know, The Brony Chronicles is a completely fan-made documentary headed by Saberspark and Paleo that will be presented on Everfree Radio once complete.
This is the promo video for the project that was shown at Brony Fan Fair in Austin, TX

You can check out the full recording of the Q&A panel hosted at Brony Fan Fair for the documentary:

Paleo writes:
We hope to have your continued support in this project and again, I'd like to thank all of the donors and the people cheering us on. We're hoping to make this documentary one of the biggest and best collaborative projects the fandom has ever put out.

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