Friday, September 21, 2012

Tink in a Box Fundraiser

Purple Tinker who was the leader behind BroNYcon January 2012 has started a project called " Tink in a Box" designed to help bring awareness to the LGBT community. Here is the post directly form her tumblr page

Presenting TINK IN A BOX, a unique charity fundraiser
Being bullied for being LGBT, especially in areas without a strong support network for LGBT people, can feel like being all alone, helpless and left to fend for yourself— even though at the same time, everyone’s watching you, judging you, and calling you names.
To raise awareness of this, and to raise funds for Day Of Pink, for 72 hours— from 8 PM on Thursday, September 27 through 8 PM on Sunday, September 30— I will be locking myself in a room monitored via webcam. Besides the camera and a pair of speakers (which will read out Day Of Pink donation pledges as they arrive), there will be no technology: no phone, no computer, and no access to the Internet or to networks of any kind. My only entertainment will be books. 
Like those who are bullied, I will feel all alone. I will not be able to call anyone for help. And like those who are bullied, I will be exposed to relentless scrutiny— the unblinking eye of the camera, watching and recording every move I make. (I will take care of personal hygiene needs behind a folding screen.)
All money will be donated directly to Day Of Pink. I will not collect any funds. After the 72-hour period has ended, I will send out emails requesting that all pledgers donate their pledged total, which I will verify via forwards of the receipt email from the donation. The final total will be publically announced.
As painful as it is for a compulsive Internet addict like me to give up technology for three full days, I am looking forward to this opportunity to raise funds for such a worthy cause. Please stay tuned for additional information, including a link to the project website once it is up.
In the spirit of friendship,
Purple Tinker

Follow her tumblr here and keep up with the info on when this fundraiser will start!

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