Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday KiKi

Today is Kiki Havivy birthday. We at the Midnight Run would like to wish her a happy 7th birthday and we and others in the community would like to tell you how you can help make her birthday the best! Just donate $1.29 or 1 euro to her fundraiser! Tara Strong set up a one day raffle over on Twitter. If you donate the money being asked you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes like an autographed royal wedding invite, or a personalized voice message from one of several voice actors.
Donate now using the widget to the right. To find out more about Kiki s most recent update. Read below

Dear Supporter/friend,

On October 3, 2012 Kiki is turning 7 years old, Happy Birthday Kiki - Yhooppy!!
This past Friday we checked out from Rady Children's hospital in San Diego and drove to Los Angeles Children's Hospital to continue treatment.  Kiki is stable but still not walking or speaking much and we hope that this hospital has more to offer.

The MRI shows that the tumor is still active therefore, we are trying to provide her with the best care and nutrition's. Together with the hospital care we providing her with supplements that alternatively developed with claims that helped cure people in the past (we will never know what the truth is but we gut to trust that it will work)

On Monday October 1, 2012 Kiki will have another surgery to revise the Shunt (draining tube ) that appeared to be plugged and cause issues with pressure change in the brain.
We appreciate your continues support and i hope that we will be able to get Kiki back to complete Health soon.

Have a great day.
Ami Havivy

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