Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lunar Transmissions 8th Orbit Tonight!

Greetings once again everypony, Leatherneck here.  Last week was our artist special and this week is a musician special.  Hopefully all those of you out there have learned a thing or two from Nami last week and have your tin foil suits ready for our guests this week:
  • PonyVisation:Brony musician who specializes at improvising and quite impressively has created multiple hour-long (or longer) improvised pony music pieces.
  • M Pallante: Professional and brony musician who has had music featured on Equestria Daily.
You can check the broadcast via the JETSTREAM tab . If you have any feedback, requests, or suggestions about who you would like to see interviewed on the show, please contact us on Twitter at @LunarTrans , like us on Facebook, or email us at
Tune in and join the live chat

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