Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Seaon 3 Spoilers!

At New York Comic Con more season 3 spoilers has been released. There should be a video up on youtube soon. IN the mean time enjoy some photos! Video now up below!

(pictures from @ronaldhennessy)

Here is the video clip before ANY OTHER pony news network!

If the video dies again you can view it here
(more info below)

Possible air time?

(ponygoons fourm user Throbulator)

Summary and other news from the panel below!

In the picutre above 
The crystal ponies have all been "discorded" (not literally) and have lost their sparkliness in that clip.
  • New Villian goes by the name of King Somber
  • Discord Is pretty much 100% Confirmed
  • Luna's Abandoned Moon Colony joked about, history of Celestia and Luna Coming up
  • Interest in visiting the Griffon Kindom
  • Official Soundtrack probably on the way
  • More Manehattan
  • All season 3 songs from the first Comic Con are from episode one
  • Jayson called Star Swirl the Bearded the Merlin of Equestria, but it didn't sound like they had any immediate plans to do anything with him.

    • Meghan and Jayson take the worldbuilding very seriously. They helped put together that map but intentionally didn't make it a globe so they'd have lots of future freedom to explore. They said the worldbuilding is there to reward multiple viewings. It's never going to be a serialized show, and each ep has to stand on its own,
    •  Meghan pointed out the Grand Galloping Gala as an early example of doing callbacks and expanding on the show's universe. 
    • Meghan studied mythology in college and researches myths from many cultures, not just Greece.
    •  She says they were going to use a mythological creature at one point and rejected it because it had "human elements" 
    • Jayson says they try to keep pony technology limited, with even the filmstrip projector chosen because it's not modern. Meghan joked we'd never see Twilight tweeting. 
    • Meghan said she really wants to explore how the monarchy works in an upcoming episode. Not as a joke answer either, she really seemed history-nerd about it. Maybe this will be the Celestia/Luna ep.

    Hoofed mammals can talk, other animals generally can't. (Exception for dragons, etc). This came from Lauren early in development. Hoofed mammals are the "people" of Equestria. 

    Ponygoons is currently at the con and are updating on their fourm here check it out and we'll keep you informed 


  1. I'm honestly still worried about S3 as a whole, but I'm glad to see this clip pass the "does it make me grin like an idiot" test.

    1. yeah i saw it and it makes me want to see it more and more. Is it November yet?