Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pony Mural Defacing

If you guys recall this awesome mural pictured above was defaced by a group of  unknown vandals. Most MLP news sites chose not to report this because it was an attack against the fandom which is things that we tend to avoid. We are happy to now share the story of this awesome work and whats being done to clean up the attack below!

The tunnel painting was school sanctioned, people could paint anything they want. Generally, (especially since this is a geeky school,) people paint pop culture references, memes, and art from their favorite TV shows and video games. That is why we decided to paint MLP. Some people painted Doctor Who, others painted Nyan Cat, and some others painted Minecraft. Regardless of whether you like the show or not, I would hope that most people would still be able to appreciate and respect the amount of work we put into this painting.

A few weeks ago, they announced that one of the tunnels on campus here at Missouri S&T was going to be re-painted. They also announced that people were allowed to submit designs to be painted. A friend of mine suggested that we paint ponies... so I came up with a design and got some people who wanted to help out. After a week and about 30 hours of painting, (probably somewhere around 100 man-hours,) this was created. And it turned out AWESOME. :D

This awesome work of art was attacked leaving the following message pictured below

Now we avoid news like that because it gives the people behind this vandalism some credit but were happy to report that the team who made this is cleaning it up and is looking for some help!

Long long time ago (about a year XD) the bronies of Missouri S&T got permission and put around 100+ man hours into painting this epic mural. After around a year strong it was sadly  defaced about a week ago but, we've bounded together and are now working to reverse the damage ^_^ 
About and hour and a half of scrubbing and covering our hands and forearms in paint thinner:http://i.imgur.com/yzev4.jpg
we're getting there, but any bronies at S&T or in the Rolla, MO area's help would be appreciated cause its gonna take a while and a lot of work to get it all cleaned up (darn you spray paint) oh! and any tips on how to remove spray paint without damaging paint underneath would be graciously appreciated cause our method its long and leaves ya feel like you just got back from the gym anywho^_^ stop by 
for any help you can offer ^_^

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