Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brony Health Group

Attention all pony-folk! Have you ever wanted to get in shape, but couldn’t find the drive? Ever wanted to start eating healthy, but couldn’t keep the motivation? I know I have many times. Which is why we’re proud to announce the official launch of the Brony Health Group!

The Brony Health Group has one sole mission: To help Bronies across the world make those first steps onto the path of living a healthier life. The BHG has a full staff of knowledgeable Brony writers who create articles on health with a good mix of pony to keep things relevant and fun. Along with the main site there is the BHG Forum where people can help support each other on their individual missions to become healthy and can also ask the Staff direct questions on health, nutrition, physical fitness, and more. We can’t tell you that becoming a part of the Brony Health Group will transform you into a ripped Adonis, but by following the steps we’ll be laying out you can begin the journey to become a healthier person.

By checking out our main site, joining the forum, or liking the Facebook page we welcome every Brony everywhere to join the Brony Health Group. Through supporting each other in our goals we can all become a bit healthier and go against the stereotype that has been against fandoms like ours for generations. Please watch the video below for a direct message from BHG’s founder, DudeBroBrony.

If you’re interested in starting the path to a healthier life and want to help support other Bronies on their own journey join the Brony Health Group in the links below.
Main Site –
Forum –
Facebook –
Youtube –

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