Sunday, December 30, 2012

REVIEW: Best pony minecraft servers

So over the last month I've been looking around at the pony minecraft servers out there and we've go the one that we've visited and the winner.

For our review we started at Equestria Gaming's site and used  the list they have. We decided  to being our journey at Equestria Daily's server which is just another name for simplybrony's minecraft server. It's important to note that this server does hold events for Equestria Daily.

During our stay we had a great overall experience. There were always admins and moderators on at any time and help was always around the corner. This server had alot to offer with most of the areas in creative mode you could build anything rather quick. There are some areas such as "equestria" and in this area the world is filled with TONS of pixel artwork. Anything you can imagine

Now for the cons. Even though we've had 2 issues. The home  that i built in server was destroyed do to a server glitch. Sadly they had no tools that was able to fix this. Luckily mods came over and quickly rebuilt it in no time flat

The second one is a major issue and is the reason why this server is in 2nd place. During one of our visits 2 worlds were missing one of which was the one our building was in. That morning it existed and then suddenly it was gone. We reached out to the admins that were on and they stated that they decided to redo a lot of the worlds. This was done with out warning or notification. Still at the time of this article the server still announces happy holidays. While we were a bit confused as to why you would delete areas with out warning we still never got a full response.

Summary: Still an awesome place to hangout with bronies and other fans alike. Admins are quick to respond and server does have alot of tools to protect against greifing.

Server Name: SimplyBrony
Server Owner: William Little/trainby5

 The next server on our list that we visited was's minecraft server and this hold our number one spot. We had a few issues getting connected because the server has only 4 guests slots at the time of writing this article. Eventually we got past the article and just from joining you are slapped in the face with some of the most AMAZING artwork in 3D that your screen can handle. 

This is by far some amazing work. With our experience just like with Equestria Daily's server there is always an admin readily available.

CONS: You might have some issues getting in do to their 4 player guests list but it's worth checking out

Server Name: Brohoof
Server IP: (or if that doesn't work)

Other servers we've been too
This is another great server. During our stay we didn't see much support and a lot of the questions we ask in chat to see if we get a response were sadly never answered. Don't let that stop  you there are some great pixel art that you can see here. Sadly their website is a bit lacking in when we compare it to the other servers forums that we've visited. The spawn area has you own a train and you pass from train car to train car reading signs. This gives a very cramped feeling compared to brohoofs open walk way between the art that displays to you the rules of the server.  They have alot going here and this is one i will be keeping my eyes on. Definitely a future contender

Server Name: EquestriaCraft (EQC)
Server Owner: DigitalPon3
This site which is run by Canterlot gaming starts off with you having to create an account to really get in which is like brohoof's server. During our stay we ran into alot of issues. Most servers you go into allow people to gather supplies from different areas including creative areas and build in the free build area. Sad to say this isn't the case here. as we build our structure a moderator had to reach out to the owner to find out if it is allowed to which he replied it wasn't. What was interesting about this is the lack of communication between the owner and the moderators. Even when the owner was saying that he considered it an exploit others in the chat were saying things "really? its not in the rules" to which the owner said that the rules did mention it. All we found in the rules were a mention about exploits but it did not go into specifics at the time of writing this. Out of all the servers we've been on this is by far the worst. It has a nice spawn area but sadly lack of any redeeming values. Even a moderator at the start of our visit told us that admins are rarely on. This server seems to have been on a while but it's a shame it hasn't gotten up to great values.

Ponycraft (org)
 Server owner: Canterlot gaming


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