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Bronypalooza Musicians ANNOUCED

They guys at Bronycon have announced the musicians playing at this years Bronycon! Seems this years BronyPalooza is going to be bigger and better than last year. We have heard that Pinkie Pie is pleased with this decision as well.

The con has confirmed 

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"Rainbow & Rooted" (Circuitfry + TripDiam + Datsmore)

Rainbow & Rooted is the next installment of the highly acclaimed pony music album series previously known as "Balloon Party." Following up the success of 100% No Feeble Cheering comes Four's Fall Down, an album with a new focus towards drum and bass and hip hop, following the mentality of going fast and radical. The individual group members themselves (Circuitfry, TripDiam, and Datsmore) are the most heavily equipped electronic performance group, utilizing not only controllers but fog machines, lights, and potentially DMXing, as well. They aim to be the highlight of the night of pony.


Pieterjan Ruysch, or more commonly known as LaserPon3, is a professional laser graphics creator and an avid brony. He likes to make laser shows, both graphical and beam shows alike, not only professionally but as a hobby. He is well known for making all kinds of laser ponies that you may have seen at BronyCon in June 2012 and other conventions as well.


EHT is a Drum and Bass producer from Southern New Hampshire. She has been making music for the past 4 years, and started releasing music for the Brony community in November of last year. Drawing inspiration from the show, her past experience, her friends, and nature, her trademark sound can be described as "Melodic, smooth, and hard hitting." One thing's for sure, this young redhead's show will certainly not be a thing to miss!


Armed with MSPaint and a few other VSTs, A lone magician from Phoenix decides to write Progressive Rock and Electronic music about pastel coloured ponies! HeyLasFas is most known for writing stupidly long tracks and concept albums.


Returning to BronyCon for his second year, ArtAttack is a 16 year old EDM producer from Wisconsin with a passion for high energy dance music. Collaborating with artists like Silva Hound and Michael A, and one of the first dubsteppers in the fandom, he's made quite a splash in the brony music scene. After his smashingly successful set with Silva Hound at BronyCon 2012 and solo at Everfree NW 2012, he's back, and ready to bass your faces in. High blood pressure is not advised.


Baschfire is an orchestral musician with a passion for all forms of music. He is most known for his series "Epic Final Bosses of Equestria" and "Luna Orchestral." However at BronyPalooza 2013 you will see him feature a new style, combining electronic and orchestral in a way that will make you want to shake that groove thing!

Cyril the Wolf

Cyril the Wolf (also known as Cyril Lyric) has been a brony since July 2011 and almost instantly came out with a parody of B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down. Since then he has written several songs in the rock/metal genres inspired by the show, a few covers of the show's music and another couple parodies "One Hoof Closer" and "Flyin' Derpy" He's currently a 'prelistener' for Equestria Daily and is working with several projects in the fandom including FillyGamez' 'Welcome to Ponyville'. He's collaborated a lot within the musician community, mostly lending his vocal or instrumental talents to their fold. Though occasionally you may see his name in the credits of some bigger projects including the Massive Smile Project.


Dave! Is a Speedcore artist hailing all the way from the United Kingdom. He specialises in Speedcore, Breakcore and everything else fast and noisy. Ever wondered what Ponies, The Vengaboys, Donk and cats sound like at 500BPM? Dave! probably already knows. Prepare for a set you will NEVER forget.Check out more of his stuff on his website

Michael A.

Michael A. has been in the community making electronic music for about 2 and a half years now. While he is most known for his hands up and trance works, Michael isn't afraid to touch any genre he sees fit - be it anything acoustic or electronic. Although Michael A. doesn't exclusively make music for the fandom, he tends to enjoy making pony music the most, and hopes he will be making more pony tracks in the future!

Silva Hound

With support from the likes of Tara Strong, Daniel Ingram, Meghan McCarthy and more, Silva Hound rocks the house with his gallery of pony-inspired house tracks, as well as many of his other adventurous travels into the electronic dance music spectrum. With a plethora of albums under his belt in a span of two years, Silva continues to keep the crowd going with his latest project, Bass Rocket EP. Hooves up high, everypony!


Fast and cheerful with a hearty serving of breakbeat and percussion chaos, this musician will have your head spinning with the sheer passion of his creations. Since the birth of Remix War in 2011, he's been weaving tunes and remixes that have helped to spread smiles (and diabetes) on listeners worldwide.


Tarby is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in progressive and industrial rock. Most known for his songs Something Broke and Rejected, Tarby has written dozens of songs not only as a solo act, but also with artists like Jackle App, Cyril Lyric, and Silva Hound. Eager to be back at BronyCon, he's ready to take the stage and give everyone a fantastic time.

Mic the Microphone

Mic has spent most of his time in this fandom doing vocal work such as rap and singing for a number of songs. As of late, he has been branching out and trying his hand at original compositions. So far, he is loving it! He also does dramatic readings from time to time. But ultimately, Mic makes music and has fun doing it.


Poni1Kenobi is an alternative rock musician with a style reminiscent of bands like Relient K and Blink 182. His most popular work is his EP "It's All Fanfic To Me", a collection of songs relating to MLP fanfiction. He is also the founder of the Beatle Bronies and a member of the group known as "The Sharded" consisting of himself, Aviators, and Bronyfied

The Living Tombstone

The Living Tombstone (a.k.a. Yoav Landau) is an electronic hybrid rock music producer arriving from Israel, mostly known for his remixes of songs from the show, and also by fellow musicians such as WoodenToaster, Alex S., and Eurobeat Brony. But he is also known for his original songs like September, Good ol' Days, Good Girl and Like a Spinning Record.You can check out more of his music at his SoundCloud page here and YouTube page here.

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