Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Episode 12/30/2012

Hello everyone Static Blitz here.

This next show we are doing for EquestriaTalk we MIGHT be having an interview with a certain someone no names just incase we are not able to interview that person.

We have some good videos lined up hope you will enjoy them here is the listing.

Sonic TimeBoom
Friendhsip Was Magic
A no pony related video Jacks films Birthday
My Little Pony DOTA 2
Lord Of The Rings Reanacted By Ponies
A non pony related video Dragonzball PeePee
Raise This Barn Remix by SimGretina
Fluttershy's lullaby (an Original song) by Steel Matt
NightmareNight By Prince Whateverer
Dodge This by Ibabronyrapper

And a Special Closing video For the New Year.

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