Saturday, January 19, 2013

New EquestriaTalk Episode 8pm EST 1/20/2013

New episode of EquestriaTalk 1/20/2013

Hello everyone StaticBlitz here letting you all know that we have some great videos lined up. And didn't I promise we would have an interview for you? And we do! This time we are interviewing
RinaChan and we hope you are as excited as we are. we will not be posting this video for a week after the Livestream so this will be youre chance to see us interview RinaChan early.

We also have some videos lined up for after the interview.

Luna's general work day

Rythm is magic

Lessons of Harmony

Internet Rejection By Mando Pony

Not letting go By PrinceWhateverer

Arrivederci By LavenderH Music

Honestly (Truthfull) By Turquoise Splash And Poni 1 Kenobi

One Hearths Warming Eve By Sound Of The Aviators

Non Pony video Mini Pad By Tobuscus

Non Pony Video HollyWood Undead We Are M.V.

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