Sunday, January 20, 2013

Audio issues with the Brony Doc?

So after a long wait we finally have received our copy of the documentary and the EXCITEMENT was huge. After watching twitter we saw a trend building about issues with parts of the documentary the audio and video not in sync anymore. So we fired up our system and decided to watch it now instead of at a local meetup..not that we are impatient but for SCIENCE.

So far... yes we have seen the same issues with our test. After about 40 mins into our copy the audio become noticeably out of sync. We ran this through or streaming software editor and discovered at one point the audio is out of sync as bad as 1.5 seconds out. Our tests are not over. We have contacted the distributer for a comment and we are testing this with portable devices and with a Linux and Mac OS X machine to see if we notice the same spots having this issue. We will be posting screenshots and update of what we discover  here. Stay tuned. If you have had issues post a comment below and let us know the time index this occurs.

UPDATE - 1 (1/20/13 3:03pm)
We have spoke with Scrnland the distributor of the documentary. They have informed us at the time of writing this article the they haven't received any complaints of audio issues with the documentary. If you are still experiencing them PLEASE tweet @scrnland or email

UPDATE 2 (3:36) We have been looking at the info and our copy is in fact out of sync we are now re downloading another copy to be safe

UPDATE 3 (final 4:01) Our fresh new copy is now playing with out any audio issues! If you still have audio issues try another copy if not speak to the distributor via our 1st update to have the issue researched further

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