about us

Yeah grab a seat and some popcorn and we'll tell you about us!

(our very first logo that we used)

Our story begins around October of 2011.
 We started up a livestream to help get MLP out to everypony! Our vision was to not just show you the new episodes but to make it FUN and engaging and keep the stream friendly and open to all ages. We started with a staff of only 5 people in the beginning!

 (our logo in 2012 when we started to expand)

Then in 2012 we decided that we wanted to do more for the fandom. We started the process of converting from a livestream to a news site and brony channel. We know there are other channels out there but we always have been following our same set of beliefs  Thanks to this we have changed to Midnight Communications LLC and have expanded the amount of charities that we support and donate to! ALL THANKS TO YOU! 

(our current logo)

We are still 100% donation based. All of the money from our ads and youtube pages get donated right back into brony charities and we are rather proud of that. We have the same goals that we always had and we'll continue to keep.

Keep the community open for all 
Always try and spread kindness and love
and give the best show possible!

As we enter 2013 you can rest assured that we'll still keep a site and stream that all can enjoy, we'll always keep giving back to the community and we'll always be a site and channel open to all bronies! /)